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myNurse was founded by Grace Ryan, a registered nurse who is dedicated to providing quality care. Grace’s healthcare journey began when she qualified as a general nurse in 2008. Since then her career has spanned across various healthcare departments including cardiology, orthopaedics, neurology, palliative and aged care in multiple hospitals across Ireland and Sydney.

In 2016 Grace took her passion for quality care into her own hands and set up a community agency, focusing on delivering quality home care to elderly patients in the wider Sydney area.

Throughout her career, Grace valued the importance of providing high quality, personalised care. This passion has developed into the myNurse mission of providing care, enabling independence, educating patients and preventing recurring illnesses.

myNurse was born out of a devotionto improving quality of life at home for every patient while providing a simplistic platform for connecting patients with care workers.

We don’t just treat an illness; we review the patient’s support system, medication, diet and lifestyle using an Assessment Record Chart. This helps in devising an all-encompassing pathway to improved health and wellbeing in the home.

From initial consultation through to independent lifestyle planning, myNurse is committed to making you or your loved one feel at home once again.

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