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myNurse can offer assistance to anyone with a nursing requirement. If you are a concerned friend, support worker, family member, the person receiving the care or a service provider, contact us today to discuss your nursing needs.   

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A Personal Approach to In-Home Nursing

myNurse is a community nursing program offering a wide range of services throughout the wider Sydney area. We are a qualified team of registered nurses that are dedicated to delivering exceptional support to you or your loved one.

At myNurse we have one main focus and that is Nursing. We only offer nursing services to clients living at home; that is why we can offer you premium nursing care. myNurse can work with you directly or with your service provider to arrange a personalised one-to-one session.



Why choose myNurse:

  • Experienced Registered Nurses
  • In-Home Support
  • Nurse Led Rehabilitation Services
  • Educate You and Your Support Team
  • Caregiver
  • Nursing Home
  • Homecare Services

3-Step Process



The online referral



A call from our friendly nurse



A consultation appointment


Wound Care

Catheter Care


Medication Management

Post Operative

Palliative Care

Who is the service available to?

  • Anyone requiring a nurse at home

  • My Aged Care Clients.

  • NDIS participants

  • Private clients

  • Anyone requiring a Homecare Services

Why Choose myNurse

Nursing Home

Experienced Registered Nurses

myNurse will only hire Registered Nurses who hold 3+ years of experience, have excellent nursing skills & keep up to date with best clinical practice guidelines.


Consumer Directed Care

 No sign up fees or lock in contracts. We want to give you choice when it comes to selecting services that best suit you.

Nursing Home

A personalised & Educative Service

Working around your healthcare needs, we will educate you and your support network on best practice in the community.

myNurse Services

Consistent Approach

See the same familiar face on every visit. Build a trusting, reliable and lasting relationship with your nurse.


Homecare Services

‘*Anne is a 60 year old woman currently living with a spinal cord injury. An injury that was hugely unexpected and life altering, brought on after simple varicose vein surgery.


  • Part 2: Anne’s Rehabilitation On the 16th of December 2018, on a Qantas flight bound to London from Sydney, Anne and I sat alongside each other and smiled. After working alongside each other for nearly a year, *Anne was finally able to make this trip.......

  • Anne* is 60-years-old and currently living with a spinal cord injury. An injury that was hugely unexpected and life altering, brought on after standard varicose vein surgery. As a passionate advocator, nurse and someone who has helped Anne through her journey, I want to share......

  • What is a pressure injury? A Pressure Injury is a localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue which usually occurs over a bony prominence. This generally is resulting from a period of sustained pressure on that area. The following diagram demonstrates the areas of......

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